Our amazing group class instructors here at SafeFire are also available for private lessons! Each of our instructors have an incredible amount of experience to share! Private lessons are great for all levels of shooters. From the beginner shooter who is hesitatant to take a class to more advanced shooters looking to perform at a higher level, we’re confident you’ll find an instructor you’ll love! These private lessons are only available by appointment only.

Ready to schedule a lesson? Read through each of our instructor’s bios below and give the range a call! We’ll find a time that works best with you and your preferred instructors schedule. Private lessons do not include ammo or targets. Targets must be purchased from our facility.


Individuals- $85/hour

Two people- $160/hour

Family – $250/hour

For private group classes, please call or email us for a quote.

Private Lesson Bundle Package: 

Our new Private Lesson Bundle package is here! Purchase 5 private lessons for $350 (Originally $425)! If you’ve been looking to take a few private lessons with your favorite instructor, take advantage of this incredible bundle price. You’ll have a 6 month time span to redeem your lessons before they expire, which gives you the perfect amount of time to make your training stick!

Talk with a team member today on how to get your Private Lesson Bundle Card, and start earning stamps for your private lessons today!

Paul Prather

Paul was a Deputy Sheriff with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office for 27 years, during which he became a firearms instructor for police officers. Since his retirement, Paul has found his dream job at Safefire.  He is passionate about teaching people how to shoot; from beginners who have never shot a gun, to experienced shooters who want to improve their skills. His goal for his students is for them to have fun shooting, and ensure they do it in a safe manner. He is also happy to help people find the right gun for them, which can lead to improving their shooting abilities and enjoyment of the sport. Paul competes in firearm competitions, and has set two world records. He has enjoyed traveling to Europe and Africa with his wife Peggy.  Two of his favorite places are at the top of the Eiffel Tower, and on the Serengeti in Africa. Paul is a well rounded instructor and is great for people who are willing to learn anything and everything about shooting. 

Paul is available: Monday, Tuesday & Friday

Tim Dickerson

Tim has been shooting for 42 years, and started his journey with firearms on his high school rifle team. From there, he went on to achieve his expert marksman in the US Army & US Coast Guard. After the military, Tim continued as a police officer where he received the Top Shooter Award at the police academy. He loves to teach SafeFire’s Handgun Essentials and teen classes, and is also the director of all of SafeFire’s competitions. Tim is extremely knowledgeable about being precise and making shots count under pressure. 

In addition to shooting, Tim is a skilled woodworker! You can see some of his woodworking throughout the store and range including his sign for the gunsmith, holders for brochures, and so much more! Tim is a great instructor for anyone, and he can turn any nervous shooter into a confident shooter. 

Tim is available: Tuesday through Thursday

John Cody

John Cody is a fantastic shooter and has truly grown up shooting. Since the young age of three, he has been learning the basics of marksmanship. By the time he was seven, he had begun competing in smallbore silhouette competitions.  From there, he began high power service rifle competitions and joined the Junior Team North Carolina. As he grew older, he continued pursuing his passion for shooting and attended the Camp Perry National Matches two years in a row.  Later on in life, John joined the military and still currently serves as a Combat Medic in the Washington National Guard. In addition, John also conducts covert personal protective details for executives. 

John is passionate about spreading his knowledge of firearms safety, proficiency, carbine, and concealed carry theory.  He excels with beginners and advanced alike and loves working with nervous shooters!

John is Available: Monday – Wednesday (by request), Thursdays & Fridays

Mike Osilla

With over 30 years of experience, including 24 years as an active duty Marine, Mike has developed and refined his rifle and pistol skills to a very high proficiency. Any time he was not on duty, during tours or at home, Mike could be found at the range. After retiring from the military, he competed in USPSA for a couple years. He then made sure he maintained his high proficiency by attending the Firearms Academy of Seattle, taking courses as often as he could and gaining mastered qualification every time. 

Mike loves to teach anyone and everyone who is interested in learning more about firearms. He is always a friendly face in our range, and will always go above and beyond to help those looking to learn. Mike loves teaching brand new shooters and is fantastic at addressing whatever anxieties or fear they may have. He loves to see people grow in their confidence and competency in safe handling of firearms.

When Mike isn’t shooting, which is quite rare, he fosters kittens with his wife for the Southwest Washington Humane Society or goes sport kite flying. If you want to really laugh, just ask Mike about the mop bucket situation!

Mike is available: Monday through Thursday

Billy Stephens

You may recognize Billy from our store upstairs, but aside from his immense knowledge of firearms, Billy has a long list of credentials to back up his love of instructing. Billy has been shooting ever since he was kid and has more than 20 years of experience under his belt. Between target practice and hunting, shooting essentially was a way of life for Billy growing up. He then went into the family business of serving our country, and spent four years in the Army as a part of Special Operations. While he was in there he took and passed the Advanced Ranger Marksmenship Course. This knowledge and experience helped him with his 2 deployments to Afghanistan. After the military, shooting turned into a full-time hobby. Billy now leads our team upstairs in SafeFire’s retail store, and is the best man to turn to with any firearm questions!

If he isn’t shooting or working, Billy enjoys power-lifting. He loves teaching those a higher intensity version of pistol and carbine level I. Billy will set you for a successful path to being an efficient and accurate shot!

Billy is available: upon request.

Bob Varner

Instructor Thumbnail

Bob has worked in Federal Service for 38 years in various locations on the west coast including Alaska. He has spent decades shooting rifles and handguns as a recreational shooter and hunter, and participates in competitive shooting.

Bob teaches students of all ages, skill levels, and genders to learn at their own pace, guiding them into the world of recreational shooting, home protection, or concealed carry with confidence, safety, and responsibility. He especially enjoys sharing his shooting experience by training students brand new to shooting. 

Bob spends life enjoying woodworking, fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

Bob is certified by both the NRA and the State of Utah as a Certified Pistol Instructor.

Bob is available: Thursdays and Fridays

Jesse Fehrer

Instructor Thumbnail

Jesse is one of our newest SafeFire team members, and with his previous experience as a Range Officer, he’s excited and eager to get into training and helping others excel in their marksmanship.

Jesse found his love and appreciation for firearms when he joined the military in 2013. After joining the military, he went on to train thousands of new soldiers how to operate both pistols and rifles.  For his remaining years in the military, he spent most of his time on the Army Special Reactions Team (S.W.A.T.). His experience conducting high risk arrest warrants and raids has trained him to be a quick and efficient shooter. Jesse is certified as a federal law enforcement AR-15 instructor, active-shooter response, room clearing, and self-defense. 

When Jesse isn’t shooting, you can find him spending quality time with his wife and kids.


Jesse is available: Thursdays and Fridays

Lee Sellers

Instructor Thumbnail (7)

Lee began shooting when he was only 9 years old, discovering early that he had a keen for competition by entering local 4H and Boy Scout matches. He shot on his high school rifle team and shot position rifle and trap while in college. While serving as a U.S. Marine, Lee qualified expert in both rifle and pistol. Since then, Lee has continued to compete earning national level rankings in Service Rifle, Sporting Rifle, Small-Bore Rifle, as well as Conventional Pistol. 

Lee currently holds an NRA Instructor certification in Pistol and has in the past held instructor certification sin Rifle and RSO. Additionally Lee has qualified with several state’s law enforcement programs and has attended many training events over the years, most recently being the 2019 U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit’s Small Arms Firing School. 

While not shooting, Lee is most likely spending time with his wife and kids and spending time outdoors. 


Lee is available: Monday – Thursday

Kent Marsden

Kent has an unbelievable amount of experience with firearms – 50 years to be exact! Under his belt, Kent’s experience includes working as a correction & transport officer for the Clary County Sheriff’s Department. Kent started shooting as a young teenager, using his skills to hunt deer and elk. In high school, he got into the Clark County Law Enforcement Explorer program and learned how to shoot handguns with precision and skill. 

Kent enjoys giving back by teaching others how to shoot safely. He is currently a NRA certified rifle, handgun, and shotgun instructor. If Kent isn’t here, you can probably find him enjoying the great outdoors of the pacific northwest or with his family. Kent makes a great instructor for those wanting a one-on-one experience free of intimidation. 

Kent is available:  Thursdays and Fridays


Have a question regarding how our private lesson system works? Please email us at with your question. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Interested in scheduling a lesson with one of our instructors? Please call us at 360-834-7233 to schedule a lesson.

Lesson slot reservation times will only be made and held via phone. 

Due to a high volume of lesson requests, please note that email inquiries sit at a 2-3 day respond time.