become a part of the safefire family

Are you finding yourself at SafeFire so often that you think you live here? Our SafeFire membership allows you to be a part of a top notch facility, all while getting a few extra perks. From Individual memberships to Family and monthly to annual pay schedules- we can pretty much make your membership exactly what you want it to be.

Why have a membership?

Having a membership here means more than just a card and a couple deals. You become family to us and get so many perks that will make that membership pay for itself year after year.

Plus, if you’re a member and you refer a friend or family member to sign up for a membership, both parties will receive a free 10 target punch card!

What You Get

*If you are military or law enforcement, please come in for a discounted membership.

*Due to Covid-19, some benefits have been modified.

Looking for a fun perk at work?

Check out our corporate memberships and add something fun to your work’s culture. This is a great add-on especially if you know that many of your employees love to shoot or have been wanting to. You can even talk to our Member Specialist about all the specifics of your company so we can make sure you get the right membership for you!