Who we Are

SafeFire is a state of the art shooting and retail facility nestled in between East Vancouver and Camas, WA.  The range features top of the line digital action target equipment on all of its 27 lanes, each with a shooting distance of up to 75 feet. Whether you are new to shooting or are an experienced shot, you will feel right at home here at SafeFire. Come see us and enjoy a world class shooting experience.

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What makes our range different

A NEW WAY TO SHOOT! We want to give shooters, new and experienced, a brand new way to enjoy the shooting sports. The SafeFire Range is open to both members and the public 7 days a week. You won't find a dingy, poorly lit range that smells of sulfur. However, you will a range that offers endless possibilities:

- Bring your own guns and ammo                   - Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns allowed              - 27 climate controlled lanes                          - Top of the line ventilation system
- Range Rental Program with over                 - Range Officers on duty at all times                - Electronic target retrieval system                 - Noise reduction sound paneling
  70 firearms                                                    - Floor to ceiling lane dividers

Learn about our range prices, our open case rental program, and all the firearms we have for rent.

Every range has rules, and we are no exception. If it's your first time, make sure to fill out the form prior to check-in.

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We get lots of questions. Here are some of the top questions that get frequently asked, answered.

Not from America? You can still shoot with us as long as you fall under these guidelines.


Train your way

At SafeFire, we have multiple, fun ways for you to become a better shot.



At the SafeFire Training Institute, we have classes for any and all skill levels. Check out the calendar for dates and times.

private Lessons

Some people like driving their education and learning what they want to learn. If that sounds like you, learn more about our private lessons.



Have a competitive side to you? We have competitions for every skill level that are not only fun, but can help improve your shooting. Try them out!

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SafeFire's Store

SafeFire is not just a range, but it is your one stop shop for all your shooting needs. We have a full retail store that is one floor up from the range. We carry a very wide range of pistols, shotguns, hunting rifles, 22 rifles, MSR rifles, and parts. In addition to all the firearms, we carry accessories ranging from cleaning supplies to magazines to optics and lights. Come on in and check out the store while you are going to shoot. Don't see something that you are dying to have? Ask an associate and they will do their best to get it in for you.


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