“The safest, cleanest, and friendliest range in Southwest Washington!” 

“This place is amazing! Knowledgeable staff in sales, in their training classes and at the gun range!”

SafeFire's Buddy System

If you want to shoot one of our rentals, you need to bring your own firearm with you or bring a friend or family member. This is all for safety purposes and our lawyers insist on it. Besides, isn’t shooting more fun when you bring a friend?

“Every range should be built to the standards this range is built to. That goes for safety, cleanliness, classiness, organization and professionalism.”

Ready to compete?

Competitions are ramping back up! Join us in our next competition and show us what you’ve got!

Advance your skills

We believe education is paramount in being a responsible firearms owner. In our classes you will learn safety, as well as the fundamentals it takes to be a confident and responsible firearm owner. As you take our courses, you will learn more and more…

Why shoot at Safefire?

We want to give both new and experienced shooters a brand new way to enjoy the shooting sports.

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