Are you wanting to practice your holster draw in the bay? Here at SafeFire, we allow students two different options for obtaining holster certification on our range. If you’re looking to learn how to safely draw from your holster, we offer our From the Holster course. This five hour course gives students the necessary training needed to draw from the holster safely, and allows students a chance to work one on one with an instructor to find a technique that works best for them. 

If you already know how to safely draw from your holster but are solely looking to get certified on our range, we offer a fast track option! To opt in for the fast track to certification, please download and fill out the application below. Once the application is complete, please call our range counter at (360) 834-7233 and schedule an appointment with one of our instructors to certify you. You’ll bring this application in with you to your appointment!

First Time Certification Prices:
$100- Members and Non-Members
$75- Active Military, Veterans, and First Responders
$50- Law Enforcement, Armed Corrections Officers (State & Federal)


We do require a yearly re-certification for all holster certifications. This allows us to ensure proper technique is still being utilized. Please call our range to schedule a time with an instructor, and arrive with a completed re-certification form. You will have a short course of fire to complete with a certified RSO or Instructor watching you. 

Re-Certification Price: $25

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