We don’t want you to have to wait for a possible real world scenario or a competition to realize that you didn’t practice drawing from your holster. If you are wanting to become holster certified here at SafeFire, but don’t want to take the class, download and fill out the application below and contact us at 360-834-7233 about setting up an appointment with an instructor to get holster certified.

First Time Certification Prices:
$100- Members and Non-Members
$75- Active Military, Veterans, and First Responders
$50- Law Enforcement, Armed Corrections Officers (State & Federal)


You do have to re-certify every year for us to make sure you are still able to draw from the holster. Below is a one page sheet for you to fill out and bring in. You will have a very short course of fire to complete with a certified RSO or Instructor watching you. 

Re-Certification Price: $25