Lee Sellers


Brief info

Lee, a retired entrepreneur and university professor, began shooting when he was nine.  During his early years he competed on his high school and university’s rifle and trap teams and continues to shoot competitively to this day.  This is a family affair, as three of Lee’s children join him in shooting competitively.

As a U.S. Marine, Lee qualified expert in both rifle and pistol then continued to earn expert and master rankings in the competitive disciplines of Sporting Rifle, Small-bore Rifle, Service Rifle, and Conventional Pistol.  He currently competes in Service Rifle, Rimfire Challenge and ICORE revolver matches and also shoots trap just for fun.

Lee has a passion for teaching.  Over thirty-five years coaching junior shooting programs at local ranges has allowed Lee to train literally thousands of young shooters from their very first shots to levels of skill resulting in college shooting scholarships.  Directing NRA and CMP Service Rifle and High-Power Rifle matches allowed Lee to stay on top of current methods used by top-tier shooters and he brings that knowledge to his training.  His experience allows him to relate well with all ages and levels of skill when it comes to firearms training.

Lee is available: Monday – Thursday

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