Rickee Perez


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Rickee's journey into firearms began in her childhood on the family ranch, where she honed her skills with shotguns and rifles under the guidance of her father, a former Marine Corps sniper. Although she initially delved into handguns at the age of 21, it was her marriage to a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the firearm industry that deepened her passion for shooting.
Working at SafeFire has become the catalyst for Rickee's enduring love for firearms, as she actively seeks out opportunities to expand her knowledge. Eager to share her expertise, she has embraced the role of an assistant instructor in various classes, with a special dedication to teaching women who share her enthusiasm for learning.
In her pursuit of continuous improvement, Rickee consistently participates in classes, adding to her skill set and fueling her passion. She enjoys instructing both men and women, but is excited to be onboard as SafeFire’s only female instructor. Beyond the shooting range, she finds joy in spending quality time with her family, and her canine companion holds a special place in her heart during her leisure moments.

Rickee is available: Wednesday – Friday

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