Cost: $129.00

Dates: April 29th at 8am
            June 3rd at 8am

from the holster

The 'From the Holster' course is the beginning of learning how to draw from the holster while building on the previous disciplines you've learned. At the end of the course, you can take an assessment that, if passed, you will earn a certificate that will allow you to draw from the holster in our range. This class is approximately 5 hours long.

Prerequisite: Handgun Essentials or life experience clearance from an instructor


- Full size or Compact handgun (No sub-compacts or pocket guns please)
- 5 snap caps (dummy practice rounds) of correct caliber
- 3 magazines
- Quality OWB holster that will retain handgun securely while moving
- Quality ammo pouch that will retain magazines while moving
- Sturdy belt that properly supports the shooter’s gear
- 300 rounds of ammunition – Bring your own or purchase ammo at the rental desk. 
- Appropriate range attire (t-shirt and jeans or something comfortable and practical. closed toe shoes only please)
- Eye & ear protection (rentals available)

We will Provide:

- Targets
- Certificate of Completion with a free hour of range time and $10 off competition

Our online sign up system is currently down.
To sign up for a class, please give us a call at 360-834-7233.