Orientation to pistol

Started on June 19, 2024


Start your training with Orientation to Pistol, a classroom-only course specifically tailored for beginners and those eager to start their firearm training.

Explore the essentials of responsible gun ownership, covering safe handling, firearm anatomy, and maintenance. Delve into the nuances of target and defense ammunition, equipping yourself with valuable decision-making insights.

This immersive class isn’t just theoretical — experience hands-on activities such as slide manipulation, loading/unloading, and discussions on selecting the right firearm based on hand size. Please note there is no live fire in this course.

The ideal student for Orientation to Pistol is someone who:

  • Has no prior knowledge of firearms.
  • Just purchased their first firearm and does not know how to use it
  • Hasn’t engaged with firearms in many years, and is looking for a refresher prior to getting back into shooting
  • Someone who is uncomfortable around firearms in their home and is aiming to gain familiarity and conquer any fears.

Not only will you gain confidence and competence, but this class also serves as the perfect foundation for our next level of training, Pistol Fundamentals. Prepare yourself for success as you unlock the art of responsible handgun ownership in this enriching journey.

This course is approximately 3 hours in length.

*Time varies depending on class size and experience.


Please arrive 10-15 minutes pior to class time for check in process. Late arrivals (5 minutes past class start time) may need to reschedule. 

Required gear:

– Closed toe shoes

– You may bring your handgun, if you do not have one- we will provide one at no additional cost

Please DO NOT bring any ammo to this course. There is NO live fire. If you do choose to bring your own firearm, please be sure to bring it unloaded and cased. Please do not bring loaded firearms on your person or in your purse to this course.

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