Intro To AR

Started on July 15, 2024


This class will introduce the shooter to the basic operations of a semi-automatic rifle, with emphasis on the AR Platform. Shooters will receive an introduction to safety, history, theory of operation, ballistics, field strip, proper loading and unloading, and zeroing of iron and/or optical sights. If you do not own your firearm, you can rent one for free with ammo purchase for the rental. Rental rifles must be reserved ahead of time due to limited supply.

This course is approximately 4 hours in length.


Please arrive 10-15 minutes pior to class time for check in process. Late arrivals (5 minutes past class start time) may need to reschedule.

Required Gear:

– Closed toe shoes
– An AR Platform rifle. If you do not have one- please reserve one of our rentals
– At least 100 rounds of ammo*
– Ear and eye protection (electronic muffs preferred). If you do not have any, some will be provided for you.
– Driver’s License

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