Here at SafeFire we want everyone to have a safe and fun experience. We ask that everyone follows these rules because there are reasons for each one.

1. Anyone under the influence of any substance is PROHIBITED from using the range.

2. The Range Safety Officer (RSO) is in charge at ALL TIMES.

3. Please uncase or unholster firearms FORWARD of the black safety line on the range only.

4. No more than TWO uncased firearms on the table at one time.

5. All firearms should be pointed down range at ALL TIMES.

6. Only authorized personnel will be allowed down range.

7. Never reach beyond the firing line for any reason, ask for assistance.

8. Steel Core/Jacket, Tracer, Armor Piercing or Bi-Metal ammunition is PROHIBITED.

9. With SafeFire approved qualification card, drawing from the holster is allowed.

10. Shooters will be held financially responsible for damage to the range equipment.

11. Unsafe shooters will have their shooting privileges revoked by the RSO.

12. In the event of a cease fire, stop shooting, place firearms on the table, and step back behind the black safety line.

13. Know how the firearm operates. If unsure, ask an RSO for assistance.

14. Know if the firearm and ammunition is compatible. If unsure, ask an RSO for assistance.

15. Keep your finger off the trigger until on target and ready to fire.

16. Hearing and eye protection required AT ALL TIMES.

17. Only TWO people per lane are allowed at the line at any given time.


Sign this and the full liability waiver before you come in by clicking on the ā€œJump the line!ā€ tab sitting down at the bottom of the page.