Wanting to have a dealer transfer a firearm(s) or NFA Item(s) to our store?

1. Notify us of the transfer by filling out the corresponding Transfer Form (found below) and email the completed form to You may also bring the completed form into our store. 
Note: If you have multiple firearms, you will need to fill out multiple forms. 

2. Give the sender our address, as written on the Firearm Transfer Form, and ask them to send their FFL to us at We will respond by sending them ours.

3. We will call you when it is ready to start paperwork. Please note it can take up to 2 business days after confirmation of delivery to receive a call (Monday – Friday) as to allow time to be processed in our system. Once processing is complete, a SafeFire employee will notify you via your contact information.

4. If tax is not paid, it will be due along with transfer fee upon successful completion of paperwork.

Failure to complete the Firearm Transfer Form prior to your firearm arriving will result in a $75 fee

Note: Current wait times for handguns or semi-automatic rifles paperwork are generally 10 business days. This is the time that it can usually take to
hear back from local law enforcement agencies.

Disclaimer: Items (Firearm or NFA) not claimed within 30 business days will start accruing storage fees. Items unclaimed after 90 days will be surrendered to SafeFire LLC and sold. Denied transactions will still be charged a transfer fee. Furthermore, a denied buyer has 30 days to arrange for a refund from the seller and pay return shipping. SafeFire does not accept any incoming firearm transfers from non-FFL dealers.

Dealer Firearm Transfers

$50/1st firearm and $35/firearm there after in the same transfer
$35/1st firearm and $25/firearm there after in the same transfer
$35/1st firearm and $25/firearm there after in the same transfer

*Plus $18 DOL fee if it is a semi-automatic rifle.*

NFA Transfers

Cost: $125/item  |  Trusts: $125/item + $25/trustee


We will call when the item(s) are ready to make an appointment for fingerprinting and such. Make sure to bring the receipt or invoice for tax purposes when you come.    

Personal Transfers

Wanting to do a person to person transfer in our store?
1. Both parties must be present (seller- bring the firearm and buyer- bring identification and Conceal Carry Permit if possible)
2. The buyer will fill out the necessary paperwork and pay the transfer fee. If the paperwork is delayed, SafeFire will keep the firearm until the background has cleared.
3. Upon approval, the buyer will be notified and will need to come in to recertify the paperwork and pick it up. 

If you have questions concerning any type of transfer please feel free to email us at

Non-members: $50/1st firearm and $35/firearm there after in the same transfer
$35/1st firearm and $25/firearm there after in the same transfer

As of July 1st, 2022: SafeFire WILL NOT facilitate any person-to-person transfers with magazines over a 10 round capacity.

*Plus $18 DOL fee if it is a semi-automatic rifle.*