Aaron Gibson


Brief info

Aaron was a sworn officer for both the Los Angeles Police Department and Vancouver Police Department for a total of 32 years, retiring as a Sergeant. During that time he not only trained thousands of officers and citizens in the safe use of firearms, but also developed hundreds of new firearms instructors around the state. Many of those student instructors have gone on to become successful trainers in their own right. He enjoys seeing both new to shooting take their first shots in a safe environment, as well as shooters looking for their next challenge in their journey towards tactical competence in home and self-defense development. 

When away from the range, Aaron is spending time with his wife of 20+ years, his children and grandchildren, and enjoys being there to witness their life moments and achievements. Aaron is always happy to train and meet shooters where they are at in their journey to move to the next level of skills, knowledge and abilities.

Aaron is available: Thursday – Saturday

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