utah and oregon conceal carry

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Our instructors will take you through the necessary steps to gain a thorough understanding of firearms safety, the concealed carry lifestyle, shooting fundamentals and more. You will learn above and beyond the necessary requirements from our instructors as they make sure you understand all the legalities and responsibilities that come with carrying. The course is approximately 4 hours in length, all of it taking place in the classroom. Afterwards you will be given all materials necessary to apply for your permit to carry in Oregon and Utah.

Class Dates:
                   - January 23rd at 4pm
                   - February 3rd at 10am
                   - February 20th at 4pm
                   - March 3rd at 10am

Required Items:

     - Drivers License
     - Concealed Carry Permit for your home state

COST: $100.00

Our online sign up system is currently down.
To sign up for a class, please give us a call at 360-834-7233.