Wondering how to give your firearm the deepest cleaning available? Look no further than our ultrasonic cleaning service.  Both powerful and efficient, our ultrasonic cleaning service will gently penetrate into all of the hard to reach crevices of your firearm and leave it refreshed and lubricated.  You can even schedule a “while you shoot” cleaning service. Call and talk to an associate about scheduling a time.


The Process

After field stripping your firearm, it will be submerged into the sonic tonic tank of our commercial grade ultrasonic cleaning machine.  Your firearm remains in this tank for under five minutes, where a rapid formation of small bubbles will sweep over your firearm, giving it the deepest clean possible.

Next, it will be transferred to the sonic lube tank, where it will receive a hot coating of a water displacing metal protectant.  The process is finished with a fresh coat of lubrication and reassembly of the firearm.

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The Science behind it!

Ultrasonic transducers mounted to the tank bottom produce high frequency sound waves which cause rapidly alternating high & low pressure conditions in the cleaning solution. Millions of microscopic bubbles form and then implode (a process called cavitation), resulting in an intense scrubbing action that removes fouling, even in the smallest indentations, grooves and impossible to reach by hand areas.



(excluding tax)

Handguns: starting at $30

Modern Sporting Rifles & Shotguns: starting at $40

For firearms composed of anything other than synthetic furniture, please request a quote.






“I knew it was dirty. It was never broken down for a thorough cleaning. Lots of nooks and crannies. Basically [just] cleaned the barrel and chamber area for 10 years. It was time to have a pro clean it. Josh did an outstanding job! Finished in one day!When I saw it after it was cleaned, I thought I was handed a new Ruger MkIII. It’s been soooo long since it was that clean (new) I was awe struck. I’m not impressed easily but Josh did an outstanding job. To top it off, I shot my best score ever the same day. Coincidence? Don’t know but it couldn’t hurt. Anyway that Ruger will be ultrasonic cleaned twice a year now.”
-Randy, a new believer in our Ultra Sonic Cleaning Service


- Pricing is based off of disassembly difficulty level.
-Please let the receiving associate know of any after market parts and specialized coatings that could be affected by the cleaning- this could possibly mean an additional cost, and that wear marks and/or imperfections may be exaggerated by cleaning. You will have to re-zero any optic that was on the firearm since it will be removed before it goes in the bath.
-SafeFire is not liable for (a) any pre-existing damages to or defects in any firearm; or (b) any damages that occur to the firearm during normal disassembly, cleaning or repair, and reassembly. SafeFire will not be responsible for any claim that a firearm is damaged, inoperable, or reassembled improperly unless reported before you leave the store.

- Coatings not allowed in the ultrasonic cleaner:

  • bluing

  • spray paint

-Firearm accessories that will not go in the ultrasonic cleaner:

  • Any electronics (ie. flashlights, red dots, lasers, etc.)

  • Scopes

  • Slings and stock bullet sleeves

  • Bi-pods