1. Does SafeFire do firearm transfers to other FFL's?
    Answer: No, we are not equipped to ship firearms to other dealers.

  2. Am I able to get a copy of SafeFire's FFL to send to the seller?
    Answer: No, we will only send a copy of our FFL to other licensed dealers.

  3. Why have I not been contacted even though freight tracking shows that the firearm was delivered to SafeFire?
    Answer: Depending on the volume of transfers we receive, from receipt of the firearm, it takes us up to 24 hours to receive the firearm into our system and have it ready to start the transfer process with you. We are unable to transfer any firearm that is not properly entered into our system. If the selling dealer has not provided us with your contact information, we are unable to contact you. We are unable to process a transfer without proper ATF required documentation from the seller and SafeFire retains the right to return any firearm to the selling dealer at our sole discretion. It is a violation of Federal law to transfer a firearm without proper documentation.

  4. What if the firearm is damaged in shipment?
    Answer: SafeFire can take no responsibility for firearms damaged in shipment, warranties or repair of the firearm.

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