Cynthia is a great cashier at the range. She hasn't done much shooting, but she's quick to learn. She is a wonderful mother to three children. She loves being able to interact with all the wonderful customers we have here as well as her co-workers. She loves coming into a happy and fun environment to work.
Fun fact about Cynthia: Her and her husband own a small zoo at their house that includes 4 chickens, 3 bearded dragons, 3 turkeys, 2 dogs, 2 ducks, 2 chinchillas, 2 pigs and a hedgehog.



Elvira is our Lead Cashier and helps run a tight ship at the check-in counter. . She hasn’t had a whole lot of shooting experience, but she practices a lot more now that she works here. English is actually her second language and this year she is taking her test to become a US Citizen- she is excited to be a proud American soon. She owns her own business called Nerium AD, which is a skin care company. She is a very busy gal, but she loves it and enjoys every minute. Elvira loves SafeFire because of the unique and fun environment she gets to work in. When she isn’t working, Elvira loves to read and write as well as spend time with her family.
Fun facts about Elvira: She loves food, and has over 100 pairs of heels.


Bob Kadow

Bob Kadow is an amazing individual, who has accomplished a lot. Bob has been shooting for 65 years. It started out as hunting, but quickly turned to competitive shooting. Over all the years he has been shooting competitively, he holds 17 world records in Bench rest Shooting. His career furthers his accomplishments with being a sheriff for Clark County for several years and being a police firearms instructor for 32 years. He loves teaching private instructions and intermediate levels
Fun Fact about Bob: Bob loves to tell stories and this one is a favorite to most of us here: "My first night on patrol as a deputy, we were at a shift briefing. My FTO was Chuck Atkins (the current Sheriff). Well after the Sargent was done briefing everyone, he told Chuck to take me home so I could get my gun. Yep I had everything but my gun."



Josh is another great asset to our range check-in staff. He has been shooting for 10 years and moved to Washington with his family 8 years ago. He has hunted for 6 years now and has also been fortunate enough to attend training at Front Sight. He says that his favorite part about working here is that the customers are all awesome and that he likes everyone he works with. Josh is another angler and goes fishing when he isn’t in school or at work. 
Fun fact about Josh: He is quite the musician. He plays percussion including the drums as well as cello and violin.



Taylor is a fantastic asset to SafeFire's Marketing/Inventory team. She has been shooting for 7 years and started by going to the range with her father when she was in high school. Before SafeFire opened up, she worked at a jewelry store, but prefers to be here because this gives her a chance to work on her skills and be in a fun environment. Taylor loves animals and her two dogs and three cats are her babies. Taylor also has many other interests such as tennis and ballet
Fun fact about Taylor: Taylor is obsessed with all things Halloween. It's rare that you'll find her without something with skulls on it.


Glenn Hogan

Glenn is the definition of a self-made instructor. He has been shooting for 34 years and taught him self through books, people, and online. He also went to tactical shooting schools for pistols, rifles and shotguns. Glenn loves teaching the ladies handgun classes and does a fantastic job at it. Besides shooting, Glenn loves to go camping with his family whenever they have a chance. He is quite the beer connoisseur. Talk to him about IPA's, Stouts, and the like- He will tell you all about the differences and which ones he finds superior. 
Fun Fact about Glenn: He has become our unofficial handyman and MEGGiTT expert. When it comes to any of the equipment we have around here, he is the man to call. 



Alex is a great individual that we love having here at SafeFire. He has been shooting for 8 years and is originally from Reno, NV. He loves to do anything involving the outdoors such as hiking, off roading, and exploring the PNW mountains. He loves working at the range because he gets to meet and learn about our awesome customers. He also likes that he gets to see new products and guns. In addition to shooting and outdoor activities, Alex likes working on cars and fabricating pieces for project trucks. 
Fun fact about Alex: He is currently training to become an airplane pilot.


Kate Woltersdorf

Kate is a part of our marketing team here at SafeFire and we love having her here. She has been shooting since she was 8 years old, competing in Olympic style .22 and Air rifle shooting. She went to University of Nebraska- Lincoln on a shooting scholarship and was able to finish her senior year as 13th in country for .22 and 6th in country for Air Rifle.  She currently coaches juniors to do the same thing that she has been successful in. She loves working here at SafeFire and enjoys being able to use her degree and her sport together producing a career that she can stick to. When Kate isn't working on SafeFire stuff, she loves to travel around the globe whether by herself, with friends, or family. 
Fun Fact about Kate: She was born and raised here yet she dislikes all the rain we receive.



Kent is a great part of our range staff. He has over 40 years of experience and made a career out of being a part of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in the custody branch. He is a warm individual who enjoys being able to talk with customers as they come in and helping first time shooters get a better grasp on shooting. He also loves that he gets to see new guns that customers have bought and learning a little more everyday while being here. He is another great outdoors-man and prefers to go fishing, camping, or snowmobiling when he can.
Fun fact about Kent: He loves to tell people he has done 30 years in jail. Sometimes he leaves out the officer part.


Paul Prather

Paul is one of our main instructors and is very good at what he does. He has over 45 years of experience. When he was young, his father taught him how to shoot and hunt. Later on, he was hired as a deputy sheriff in 1986 and became a firearms instructor two years later. Paul worked as a deputy sheriff for 27 years before retiring a few years ago. Now he competes in PPC competitions and benchrest rimfire competitions. His favorite class is the Basic Conceal Carry. He loves being able to educate people on all the responsibilities and laws on carrying as a civilian. In addition to all the competitions that Paul does, he loves to travel and spend time with his wife.
Fun fact about Paul: He is absolutely terrified of horses.



Sam is one of our top notch sales associates and is always here with a smile on her face. Sam is originally from California and moved to Washington about 5 years ago. she has a degree in Deaf Studies and has been working in retail for several companies over the past 8 years. She is fairly new to the firearm’s industry, but she is a fast learner. She has really enjoyed working in this environment and it gives her new opportunities to learn more everyday. Her favorite part of working at SafeFire is that she gets to learn more about guns, try them out, and play with the puppies that come in to the shop. In addition to working around the shop, Sam loves make-up and doing her friends and family up when given the chance. She has done make-up for weddings and her friends’ special events. 
Fun fact about Sam: She is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) and uses it whenever she gets the chance.



Lauryn is one of our Head sales people and does a lot of the buying for the store. She has been shooting for 18 years and in the firearms industry for 4 years. She started shooting by just going out in the woods with her family, but eventually turned to a former marine for more training. She started working in retail in 2012 and has since learned so much about the firearms retail side then she ever thought she would. She continues to teach herself about the industry so that she can bring that knowledge to people here. She loves working at SafeFire and the firearms industry because of all the amazing opportunities as well as awesome people she comes in contact with. Outside of shooting, she loves to catch some rays on sunny days at the river and 4-wheel in her truck.
Fun fact about Lauryn: She loves her truck like the sister she never had.


Tim Dickerson

Tim has been shooting for 42 years, starting with being on the high school rifle team. From there, he went on to achieve his expert marksman in the US Army & US Coast Guard. After the military, he continued in public service as a police officer. At the Police Academy, he received the Top Shooter Award in his class. He loves to teach SafeFire's Basic Handgun class. In addition to shooting, Tim loves woodworking. You can see some of his woodworking throughout the store and range. He has built a sign for the gunsmith, holders for brochures, and much more.
Fun fact about Tim: He wrote and published a children's book a few years ago called, Napping With Daddy. Go check it out on Amazon.



Michael has been shooting since he was 10 when out with a family friend. From there, his passion only grew. He loves shooting at any level and with anything. He has been working in the firearms industry for 5 years off and on while going to school, and this is by far his favorite industry to work in. He loves it because he gets to share his passion with so many different people and he gets paid to show guns to people. Right now he is going to school to earn a degree in public affairs which he hopes will further his career in the firearms industry. When he isn’t shooting or working at SafeFire, Michael’s other passions includes trying new foods and taking in new experiences. 
Fun fact about Michael: His knuckle on his right ring finger was shattered then reconstructed with titanium.



Sandra is a huge asset to the SafeFire team. Without her, we would surely fall apart. She is our general manager, HR, Secretary, and sometimes called mom. She has only been shooting for 3 years, but don’t let that fool you. This girl knows her way around any firearm you give her. Did we mention that she is the wife of David Seth, owner of Brimstone Gunsmithing? She tells everyone how she was never a gun fan and didn’t want to shoot. After David taught her a little bit and had her shoot, she has wanted to improve and enjoys this new found world she is in. She loves working in this atmosphere because it gives her a unique and fun experience. Plus she enjoys the wonderful staff here at SafeFire to make working so enjoyable. Her and David like to take their dogs camping and hiking when they can get outside of work.
Fun fact about Sandra: She can wiggle her ears.


Dave Bourland

Dave is a fun instructor to work with and has all the experiences to back it up. He has been shooting for 48 years and started out at the age of 8 going through the NRA Gun Safety Course with his dad. After high school, Dave started in U.S. Army, and then later he moved to the the Air Force where he did Para-rescue. He has been through many weapon training schools as both military and civilian. After the military, Dave became a State Trooper and just retired after 25 years and 5 days of service. Along with his career, he has held many titles as a Weapons Defensive Tactics Instructor, Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Swat Member, and Precision Rifle Instructor. His favorite class to teach is the Intro to Handgun class because of seeing everyone's reactions while being introduced to firearms or shooting for the first time.
Fun fact about Dave: He had locked himself out of his patrol car in front of the jail's "Salley Port" and his whole detachment came to his rescue with his spare keys. And to laugh at him, of course.