Cost: $89.00

           -November 24th at 5pm
-December 14th at 5pm


This course is designed for teens (age 13 to 18) who have little to no experience with handguns, and will introduce the students to firearms safety, as well as safe storage of firearms and safe weapons handling. Students will also learn the proper fundamentals of marksmanship-grip, stance, sight alignment and more- as they apply to the handgun. We do ask that every teen is accompanied with an adult or else they will not be able to participate in range time.
This class is approximately 3 hours long.

The chart gives a brief overview of what will be introduced and what will be reinforced in the class.

We will provide everything you need:
-          A handgun from SafeFire's Rental Firearms* (or bring your own.)
-          Ear and Eye protection
-          Targets
-          A Certificate of Completion with a free range hour voucher for later when accompanied with an adult.

*If using a rental firearm, ammo must be purchased from SafeFire at the time of class.

To sign up online follow the link here. It is in beta testing so we thank you for your patience..