Coming soon, SafeFire will be running Steel Challenge matches which are sanctioned by USPSA. With various steel courses, you will test your speed and accuracy once more to see who is the quickest. More information coming soon.


Here at SafeFire, we've decided to kick the noise level up another notch with our Steel Jackpot Shoot! Competitors will go head to head in a double elimination style match shooting the plates off of a Texas Star.  If you prove to be the fastest in the west, you get to claim some money! 


-Ammo allowed: Due to the match being inside and to make sure each competitor is safe, we require that you only use frangible ammo (we have some for sale at the Range Desk). All other ammo is prohibited because they have a very high chance of ricocheting. 

Approved Calibers: .380acp, 9mm, 40 S&W, 45acp, and .357mag

Match Dates:  TBA

Entry Fee: $20/shooter & $5 for Jackpot