Tops & Bottoms team Shoot

Grab a partner and get ready for SafeFire's first team competition! This match will combine .22 and center fire handguns in a head to head format where the most accurate and fastest team wins. Partner 1 will shoot the tops off the bowling pin with a .22 pistol followed by partner 2 shooting the bottoms off with a center fire pistol. This is sure to be a blast the entire night!

This Competition is a suggested Level 3 (don't know, click here).
To prepare for this competition, we recommend you take: Handgun Proficency

-Ammo allowed: Any .22 ammo is allowable. For Center Fire, it must be hollow point, frangible, all lead tip or full metal jacket (FMJ).

Approved Calibers: 22lr, 9mm, 40 S&W, 45acp, .357mag, and 10mm

Match Dates: September 21st, 6pm-8pm

Cost: $20/Team

Rimfire Competitions

Love competitions, but would rather do it with a .22? We will be introducing several variations of our competitions to fit perfectly for .22 shooters. This is a great way to compete, save a little money on ammo, and still have a fantastic time.

Here are just some of the competitions we will be starting here:




.22 Bowling Pin Shoot

This is a fun .22 version of our regular bowling pins. The pins will be set at different heights as you go head to head with someone in a double elimination style match. These matches will take place every other month, so bring your .22, some ammo, and get ready for a whole lot of fun!

This competition is a suggested Level 3 (don't know, click here). 
For this competition, we suggest that you take: Handgun Proficiency 

Match Dates:
             - September 7th, 6pm-8pm
             - November 2nd, 6pm-8pm

Cost: $20/Shooter