1. If I bring my own firearms, can I shoot my own ammo or reloads?

    Answer: Yes, if you bring your our firearm you can use your own ammo. In addition to bringing your ammo, you can pick up your own brass. Picking up brass is limited to the brass that is behind the red firing line so your safety is not at risk.

  2. Is there any age requirements to shoot here?

    Answer: Children must be over the age of 10 as well as fit a height requirement which is 4' 10". Shooters under the age of 18 must be accompanied by his/her parent or legal guardian.
  3. Do I need a reservation or appointment to come shoot?

    Answer: No. It is on a walk-in basis. You can do a lane reservation if you are a Gold, Titanium or Platinum level by calling the range check-in desk.
  4. How many lanes? And what is the furthest distance?

     Our range has 27 lanes and stretches out to 75 feet.
  5. Are there any Ammo Restrictions?

    Yes, We do not allow a few types of ammo. No tracers, steel core, steel jacket (ie. Tulammo or Wolf), or armor piercing (ie. PMC LAP, green tips, etc.) Any round rated over 3,600 fps is prohibited.
  6. What is the limitations on handguns shot in the range?

     There is no limitation on handguns, but please be courteous by letting the Range Safety Officer know that you are shooting a larger caliber pistol (44 -50AE) or revolver (44 -500S&W). The only handguns not allowed are revolvers that have the capability to shoot shotgun shells i.e. The Judge and the Governor. This is because the shot spreads too quickly and can potentially damage our carriers which could result in the shooter receiving a fine.
  7. What is the limitations on rifles shot in the range?

     We allow rifles up to 30-06 spring. This isn't a long distance range so hunting rifles and long distance rifles are not allowed.
  8. Are Shotguns allowed on the range?

     They are allowed with restrictions. The target cannot be greater than 30 feet away as well as the shells must be slugs only.
  9. What are the guest rules for members?

    Each Member is allowed to bring two guests at a time. The member and their guests are required to share the same lane. If a guest wants to be on his/her own lane, they must purchase an hour range time for $20.
  10. Can I shoot/be on the range if I am pregnant?

    Answer: Pregnant women are strongly discouraged from shooting due to health concerns from sound percussion and lead contamination.

  11. How old do you have to be to rent a pistol/rifle?

    Answer: Shooters must be 21 years or older to rent and/or possess a handgun on SafeFire's range. Shooters between the ages of 18 to 20 may shoot and rent long guns as well as purchase long gun ammunition.

  12. Do I need ID to shoot here?

    Answer: Yes, shooters 18 and older MUST possess a valid state issued ID or passport.

  13. What kind of clothes should I wear to the range?

    Answer: Closed toe shoes, pants and high necked shirts are recommended. 





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