Do you want something more personal?

We have some awesome instructors here at SafeFire that don't just teach groups but also teach individuals. They all are amazing shots in their own right and have a bunch of experience to back it up. No matter if you have never shot before and are hesitant to take a class or if you are advanced and want someone to beef up your practice session, we've got you covered! These are appointment only instructions, so just send an email via the buttons below each instructor and let us know that you interested in setting up a time. Private lessons do not include a rental, ammo, or targets. Targets must be purchased from our facility.


Individuals- $65/hour
Two people- $120/hour



Bob Kadow is an amazing individual, who has accomplished a lot. Bob has been shooting for 65 years. It started out as hunting, but quickly turned to competitive shooting. Over all the years he has been shooting competitively, he holds 17 world records in Bench rest Shooting. His career furthers his accomplishments with being a sheriff for Clark County for several years and being a police firearms instructor for 32 years. He loves teaching in general, whether you are a beginner or advance. Bob has top notch expertise in competition and the mental game since he does constantly break world records. If you really want to up your knowledge base on the fundamentals and how to use them at an unparalleled level, Bob is your guy!

Bob is available: Wednesday and Friday from 11am - 7pm


Glenn Hogan


Glenn is the definition of a self-made instructor. He has been shooting for 34 years and taught himself through books, people, and online. He also went to tactical shooting schools for pistols, rifles and shotguns. He is also our resident fix-it guy. Glenn loves teaching ladies handgun classes and does a fantastic job at it. Glenn is a great instructor for those who really want to take their shooting level to the next level. 

Glenn is available: Monday through Friday 11am - 4pm


Kim MacArthur

Kim has been shooting almost her entire life. It started as a bonding activity for her and her father to enjoy, but rapidly grew into more. She eventually got to go to Gunsite Academy in Arizona. The first time she went was with her dad, but she has been back several times to learn. In addition to Gunsite Academy, Kim has also taken 5 FAS classes- one of which was taught by Massad Ayoob. She loves learning all she can when it comes to guns, and she loves sharing the information that she learns. Kim is a fantastic instructor and loves teaching other women and children how to shoot. She is a great choice for every level of shooter!

Kim is Available: Friday through Tuesday, 11am - 7pm



Paul was a Deputy Sheriff with the Clark County Sheriff's Office for 27 years, during which he became a firearms instructor for police officers. Since his retirement, Paul has found his dream job at Safefire.  He is passionate about teaching people how to shoot; from beginners who have never shot a gun, to experienced shooters who want to improve their skills. His goal for his students is for them to have fun shooting, and ensure they do it in a safe manner. He is also happy to help people find the right gun for them, which can lead to improving their shooting abilities and enjoyment ofthe sport. Paul competes in firearm competitions, and has set two world records. He has enjoyed traveling to Europe and Africa with his wife Peg.  Two of his favorite places are at the top of the Eiffel Tower, and on the Serengeti in Africa. Paul is a well rounded instructor and is great for people who are willing to learn anything and everything about shooting. 

Paul is available: Friday through Tuesday, 11am - 6pm


Tim dickerson

Tim has been shooting for 42 years, starting with being on the high school rifle team. From there, he went on to achieve his expert marksman in the US Army & US Coast Guard. After the military, he continued in public service as a police officer. At the Police Academy, he received the Top Shooter Award in his class. He loves to teach SafeFire's Basic Handgun class. Tim is also our match director for all our competitions here at SafeFire. He knows his stuff about being precise and how to make shots count under pressure. In addition to shooting, Tim loves woodworking. You can see some of his woodworking throughout the store and range. He has built a sign for the gunsmith, holders for brochures, and so much more. Tim is great instructor for anyone, and he can turn a nervous shooter into a confident shooter. 

Tim is available: Tuesday through Thursday, 11am - 7pm



Dave is a fun instructor to work with and has all the experiences to back it up. He has been shooting for 48 years and started out at the age of 8 going through the NRA Gun Safety Course with his dad. After high school, Dave started in U.S. Army, and then later he moved to the the Air Force where he did Para-rescue. He has been through many weapon training schools as both military and civilian. After the military, Dave became a State Trooper and just retired after 25 years and 5 days of service. Along with his career, he has held many titles as a Weapons Defensive Tactics Instructor, Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Swat Member, and Precision Rifle Instructor. He is a great option for advanced shooters who want to run through training hard and wants that swat like training.

Dave is available: Saturday and Sunday (He does need at least 2 weeks notice before lesson