Practical Application

In collaboration with guest firearm instructors, SafeFire presents part one in a series of four courses. Practical Application: Handgun takes you beyond the fundamentals and into learning dynamics versus static maneuvers. Throughout these courses you will learn target identification, weapon manipulations, and clearing corners as well as improving your situational awareness. 

This course will introduce SafeFire’s shoothouse for the first time; utilizing walls, hallways, and rooms. This course can be applied in the real world for a home defense scenario, active shooter, and/or personal protection.
This class is Approximately 4 hours long.

* A SafeFire Holster Certification or instructor approval is required to be in this class*

Required Gear:

    - Duty-size handgun and sturdy OWB holster
    - 2 spare magazines with mag holder
    - Sturdy belt that properly supports the shooter’s gear
    - At least 300 rounds of ammunition
    - Eye protection
    - Ear protection (electronic preferred to hear instructions)

Class Dates:
             -March 4th, 2pm to 6pm
             -March 18th, 2pm to 6pm

Cost: $200

NOTE: Currently we are switching over systems and require you to call in to reserve your spot. Our phone number is 360-834-7233 (call during 11am to 8pm PST)