Class Dates:
             -March 4th, 2pm to 6pm

Cost: $300

Currently we are switching over systems and require you to call in to reserve your spot. Our phone number is 360-834-7233 (call during 11am to 8pm PST)

Practical Application

Do you have a practical plan for situations that might come up while you are out in the open? Do you know how to get to cover or how to identify what you are defending yourself against? We have created a course that takes you through all those aspects of planning and how to actually implement them if the need arose.

This course focuses on fundamentals as well as weapon manipulations, use of cover, proper technique of moving with a firearm, reloads, malfunction clearances, and proper target identification using Shoot or NO Shoot Targets.
This class is Approximately 4 hours long.

* A SafeFire Holster Certification or instructor approval is required to be in this class*

Required Gear:

- Duty-grade firearm (no pocket or sub compact guns allowed)
- A quality OWB holster that will retain firearm securely while moving
- At least 2 magazines (3 preferred) with mag holder
- Duty belt that will support shooter's gear
- Eye and ear protection (electronic preferred to hear instruction)
- Minimum of 300 rounds of ammo