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Practical application: carbine

In collaboration with guest firearm instructors, SafeFire presents Practical Application: Carbine. In a real gun fight nothing stands still, which is why it’s important to learn how to properly move with a firearm. Throughout this course, you will learn target identification, weapon manipulations, and clearing corners as well as transitioning from your primary to your secondary weapon.

This course will utilize SafeFire’s shoothouse; containing walls, hallways, and rooms. Skills learned from this course can be applied in the real world for a home defense scenario, active shooter, and/or personal protection.
This class is Approximately 4 hours long.


    - Carbine with either iron sights or an optic (Must be able to shoulder)
    - Duty-size handgun with strong side retention holster (9mm Min)
    - 2 spare magazines with mag holder
    - Sturdy belt that properly supports the shooter’s gear
    - Dump pouch (optional)
    - 200 rounds for carbine / 50 rounds for pistol
    - Eye protection and ear protection (electronic preferred)
    - 2-point sling (Strongly suggested for weapons transitioning)

Cost: $200