Price: $200 (non-refundable)


-Nov. 3rd at 10am

To Register:

Please give us a call at 360-834-7233

Practical Application IV:
Carbine Low Light

Once you master shooting on the move, we throw in a new dynamic- darkness! One of the best ways to become a better shooter, is to put yourself in challenging shooting environments.

Here at SafeFire, we have adopted this philosophy and as a result we now offer our Practical Application: Low Light Carbine course. During this course, students will be challenged by learning to navigate, use concealment, and identify potential threats in the dark. Students will be taught how to shoot while holding a flashlight or using a weapon-mounted light, how to look for auxiliary light sources, how to use different flashlight lighting techniques and how to identify threats vs. non threats in a low light environment. As a student, you will gain the necessary skills needed to confidently use your firearm in a darkened room.

Prerequisites: SafeFire’s Holster Certification or Prior Instructor’s approval

Required gear:

- Carbine with either iron sights or an optic (Must be able to shoulder)
    - Duty-size handgun with strong side retention holster (9mm Min)
    - 2 spare magazines with mag holder
    - Sturdy belt that properly supports the shooter’s gear
    - Dump pouch (optional)
    - 200 rounds for carbine / 50 rounds for pistol
    - Eye protection and ear protection (electronic preferred)
    - 2-point sling (Strongly suggested for weapons transitioning)
- Weapon mounted light and handheld light