Class Dates:

 - December 1st at 10am


To sign up online, follow this link
Call us at 360. 834. 7233

Practical Application: Low Light Handgun

Statistics show that most criminal attacks tend to happen in times of reduced light. During Practical Application: Low Light Handgun, students will work on target identification, weapon manipulations and clearing corners in dim lit conditions as well as total darkness using flashlight techniques.

This class is Approximately 4 hours long.

* A SafeFire Holster Certification or instructor approval is required to be in this class*

Required Gear:

    - Duty-size handgun and sturdy OWB holster
    - 2 spare magazines with mag holder
    - Sturdy belt that properly supports the shooter’s gear
    - At least 300 rounds of ammunition
    - Eye protection
    - Ear protection (electronic preferred to hear instructions)
    - Handheld and weapon mounted flashlight

Cost: $200