Class Fee:

September 2nd at 10am to 12:30pm

Ladies Self Awareness

Have you ever wondered if there are things that you do every day that may get you into a dangerous situation, without you even being aware of it? Do you carry pepper spray, a firearm, or other means of personal protection, but have never thought about what you can do to prevent yourself from being in that dangerous situation to begin with? This seminar will help you come to realize the small things you may be doing every day, how to stop doing them, and potentially save your own life.

This seminar will demonstrate to you the different things you can do to make yourself safer, both outside and inside of your home. Instructor, Tanya will highlight some real-life cases, as well as break down the different red flags that should enter your minds while performing your day to day activities. This is the perfect class to bring your daughters, friends, sisters, moms, or any close women in your life to. The class takes place in a safe and confidential environment and features a lot of open discussion throughout. You won’t want to miss it!