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Don't worry, we've got you covered!

We will provide everything you need:
-          A Handgun from SafeFire's Rental Firearms (or bring your own.)
-          50 rounds of ammunition (based on 9mm)
-          Ear and Eye protection
-          Targets
-          A Certificate of Completion with a free rental voucher for later

Cost: $89.00


Olivia found herself on her own a lot lately, and not always feeling safe. She decided that maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to learn how to use a gun, and had heard about SafeFire from friends. She resolved that she would go and see what it was like.
She came into the range that fateful day with a friend to talk to someone. She started up a conversation with an associate, and sheepishly told them that she had never shot or held a gun before. The associate reassured her by saying that many have come in saying the same thing, but to not worry if she wanted learn, that there was a class for her. Olivia began to feel hopeful that this was potentially the right thing to do.

“We have a fantastic course made specifically for people who have never shot or have very little experience, and there is even a women’s course taught by a woman!” The associate beamed.

“Really?!” Olivia asked, “A women’s course with a woman instructor?!” She was feeling more and more comfortable by the second.

“Yes! They teach all about the basic safety rules, safe handling, safe storage, and so much more.” The associate went on to explain how Olivia will be in class for 2 hours learning all the safety as well the operations of handguns. After the instructor had gone over everything, Olivia would get to go into the range and shoot one of the many rental pistols with the help of the instructor. After she felt comfortable with the gun she was using, she could shoot a couple shots by herself and at different distances if she wanted.

“We hope that at the end of the class you feel knowledgeable, comfortable, and even empowered.” The associate closed with.

“I already feel much more confident just talking to you. I want to sign up!” Olivia exclaimed. She signed up with her friend that afternoon and came back for their class the following week. Olivia was over the moon about her class, felt so much better after she had learned about firearms. She found that it was very empowering and that she wanted to learn more.

Are you like Olivia? Do you want to learn about firearms safety or want to have a gun to protect yourself no matter where you go? SafeFire will get you started with the Ladies Only Intro to Handgun course. Just like Olivia, you will feel empowered and confident after taking this class.