Intro to Handgun Chart.jpg

Don't worry, we've got you covered!

We will provide everything you need:
-          A Handgun from SafeFire's Rental Firearms (or bring your own.)
-          100 rounds of ammunition (based on 9mm)
-          Ear and Eye protection
-          Targets
-          A Certificate of Completion with a free rental voucher for later

Cost: $109.00

This class will prepare you for: This class will prepare you for: Group Therapy

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After taking the Intro to Handgun class, Olivia felt great knowing that she shot a gun and was more confident in her abilities. The one thing that stuck in the back of her mind, was that maybe she wasn’t quite ready to buy a gun and carry it around. She wanted to get there, but was at a standstill since she only tried a couple guns since the last class. Since she really enjoyed taking her first class at SafeFire, she thought she should take the next one.

She went online and registered for the next available Ladies only Handgun Essentials. She liked being able to see what would be reviewed and what would be introduced in the class with the chart on the website. She waited impatiently to come back to the range to get a little practice in before class time.

When Olivia stepped into the range that evening, she was excited to learn the next steps towards feeling even more comfortable and confident with a firearm. She also hoped that she would be able to find the right gun for her with a rental gun. The instructor helped her find a gun that she hadn’t tried yet, but thought that she would love. After reviewing all the things she had learned in her previous class and learning about things that she was going to try out on the range, Olivia got to shoot the rental gun and fell in love. She decided that she would be purchasing it as well! She learned how to draw from a low ready position, shoot controlled pairs, and how to transition between targets.

This class was another huge success for Olivia! Not only had she come out of class feeling like her skills were leaps and bounds better, but she also found a gun that she loved! She knew her next step in becoming a responsible gun owner was to purchase one. Olivia felt like now she could take another course that would help her become confident carrying her newly acquired gun.