The chart gives a brief overview of what will be introduced and what will be reinforced in the class.

Cost: $109.00

-Nov. 17th at 4pm
-Dec. 11th at 4pm
-Dec. 15th at 4pm

Handgun Essentials

This course focuses on the shooting fundamentals and provides the students with the knowledge and repetitions needed to build a solid foundation with which to progress. Students will learn about the "low ready" position, controlled pairs, and more, to advance their skill set. Students should have a good understanding of firearms safety and safe weapons handling. 
This class is approximately 4 hours long.

We will provide:
-          A handgun from SafeFire's Rental Firearms* (or bring your own.)
-          Ear and Eye protection
-          Targets
-          A Certificate of Completion with a free rental voucher for later

*If using a rental firearm, ammo must be purchased from SafeFire at the time of class.


To sign up online follow this link here. It is in beta testing so thank you for your patience.