Here at SafeFire, we believe in being educated and informed when you are a firearm owner. To help with that, we have created several classes that will help you improve in almost every discipline of shooting. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we have a class for you! 

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We do not offer refunds once payment has been made. We require a 24 hour notice to cancel/reschedule a class. Please note that any and all no shows will result in loss of credit and will not be allowed to reschedule. Please contact for any questions.

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Featured Classes

Bellatrix Training’s Starting Pistol course is the perfect course for anyone new to pistols. In this class, you’ll cover the basics about semi-automatic pistols, firearms safety, gear list must haves, shooting range prep, situational awareness, carry position options, and scenario-based discussions. There will be an opportunity for hands on experience to learn how to grip a pistol and choose one for your hand size. Students will build comfort with handling an unloaded firearm, implementing a three point safety check and technique for locking the slide to the rear as well.

Bring: no gear needed – just bring a snack and a great attitude!

SOLD OUT – Sunday, October 2nd 10:30 & 3pm – SOLD OUT
Monday, October 17th 3pm
Wednesday, October 19th 10:30am

In this course, you’ll receive an introduction to handgun fundamentals from a defensive shooting mindset. This is the perfect course for the civilian who wishes to conceal carry.¬†Fundamentals covered in this class include stance, grip, sight alignment/ sight picture, trigger press & follow through, holster draw, magazine changes and recoil management. ¬†Assistance gearing up will be provided for students with less familiarity. Class pace based on the performance of the students, we have a slow build up and move forward depending on the skillset of the group.

Bring: a semi-automatic pistol, 2-3 magazines, holster, belt, & 200 rounds.

Saturday, October 23rd at 8am