Our Gold Membership is a tried and true membership for the casual shooter. We have enhanced our Gold membership with even more benefits and discounts on our Range Rental Firearm program so you can get the most out of your money. Check out all the benefits that our gold membership has to offer.



  • Unlimited Free Range Time
  • Access to the Member's Only Page
  • Lane Reservations
    • Gold Members may make lane reservations up to 72 hours in advance with a minimum of one and a half hours notice. On weekends, we will be busy and it is pertinent for members to make lane reservations. Only 1 lane reservation per member on the account allowed. We cannot guarantee your lane if you arrive more than 15 minutes past your reservation time. 
  • 6 Guest Passes Per Year*
    • Guest Passes permit Members to bring one free guest to shoot with them on their firing lane. Each pass is good for one visit. After a member has exhausted their allotted guest passes, guests will be required to pay the Member guest rate.  Member guests are required to share the Member's firing lane.  Maximum of 3 shooters per lane.
  • Free Eyes & Ears Rental for members and their guests
  • 25% off Range Rental Firearms
    • Use our rental program for $15 an hour instead of $20 dollars an hour.
  • Special Discounts
    • 10% off services such as FFL Transfers, Cleaning Services, Events, etc.
    • 10% off accessories in the store (excludes firearms and ammo)


* Family Memberships get an additional 2 guest passes per year

All prices and package benefits subject to change without notice


Currently we are not taking online membership sign ups due to switching systems. If you would like to purchase a membership during this time: please give us a call or come in the store to start the process.**
Thank you for your patience while we make your online experience even better.


** To receive your membership card, the primary member will need to fill out the Membership Contract in store.