Here at SafeFire, we welcome firearm transfers. Please make sure that you follow the rules for the various types of transfers to speed up the process and make it simple for all parties.

Cost: $35       Military/LE: $15

Wanting to have a dealer transfer a firearm to our store?

1. Notify us of the transfer via phone( 360-834-7233), email (, or in person.
    We will need the sender and gun information.

2. Give the sender our address and ask them to email us with their FFL at

3. We will call when it is in. Make sure to bring the receipt or invoice for tax purposes.

4. If tax is not paid, it will be due- along with transfer fee- upon successful completion of paperwork.


Wanting to do a person to person transfer in our store?

1. Both parties must be present (seller- bring the firearm and buyer- bring identification and Conceal Carry Permit if possible)

2. The buyer will fill out the necessary paperwork. If the paperwork is delayed (sent to county or a NICS delay), SafeFire will keep the firearm till the background has cleared.

3. Upon approval from NICS system or county, the buyer will be notified. The buyer will need to come in to finish everything up and pay the transfer fee.


Want to use our Private Sales bulletin board?

Everyone is welcomed to use the board to advertise their firearms for sale if they so choose. The only stipulation is that the transfer is facilitated through SafeFire.


Anything regarding FFL's or Transfers can be addressed at