Never shot a gun before? Or maybe you just want to learn a few new skills? Here at STFI, we have a full line of handgun courses designed for every skill level. 
Check them out!


We have classes designed with you in mind. Take advice from female instructors who understand what it means to be a woman and to shoot.

youth & Teen

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Do you have children who you want informed on gun safety or a teen who is interested in the shooting sports? We've got you covered. Click the button below to learn all about our Youth & Teen courses!



Do you have an AR that you've never shot or are you wanting to expand your skills? We offer a full line of classes that are just for you and your semi auto rifle.

Holster Cert.


Practice makes perfect! We allow those who pass our Holster Certification to practice drawing from the holster whenever they shoot in the range. Learn more below!

Conceal Carry

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Do you travel out of state and want to carry your firearm? We offer a course to help you obtain your OR and/or UT permit as well as explain the laws that go with carrying. 

One on One

Looking for additional instruction? Try private training! We offer one-on-one private lessons for new and experienced shooters with handguns or rifles. We also offer all of our classes to private groups with flexible scheduling. Our certified instructors are available during normal store hours.