We have handgun marksmanship courses that will take you from no knowledge of handguns  all the way up to moving and shooting.
Check them out!


We have classes designed with you in mind. Take advice for female instructors who understand what it means to be a woman and to shoot.

youth & Family

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Do you have children who you want informed on gun safety, a teen who is interested in the shooting sports, or get some safety information for the family? We've got you covered.



Do you have an AR that you've never shot or are you wanting to be more competent then you already are? We have a full line of courses just for you and your semi-automatic rifle.

Holster Cert.


Want to practice from the holster whenever you come into the range. We allow those who pass the qualification to practice from the holster here in the range. Learn more below!

Conceal Carry

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We have several courses to help you obtain your concealed carry permit for other states as well as teach you about the laws that go with carrying. 


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Part of being a gun owner is knowing how to clean and maintain your firearms. Here at SFTI, we want you to be a well rounded shooter and that includes cleaning. Take a class to learn how to do this!

One on One


Want to work on something that is unique to you or don't quite know what class you fit into? We offer Private Lessons for 1 to 4 people that will be driven by what you as, the student, wants to learn.



SFTI has a fantastic simulator that will help you test your knowledge and speed in real world situations as well as prepare your body and mind for the adrenaline rush.