Run & Gun Matches

About Run & Gun

We at SafeFire have created a competition that is focused on giving you a chance to practice in a way that’s fun, and builds social connections with other gun owners. We’ve put together a series of courses that range from easy to more advanced, in order to put your skills to the test. Run & Gun shoots are competitions, but we’re more concerned about having fun and learning something along the way than fighting for every point. 
Each shooting problem you’ll face (called a “stage”) focuses on a particular experience or skill — such as reloading, shooting around an obstacle, or shooting while moving.


Match Registration

We hold Run & Gun matches every quarter. Spots are limited to 24 and fill up fast, so don't wait to sign up. When attending a match, we ask that you are here AT LEAST 15 minutes before 6pm.

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Cost: $20/Shooter

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Below are the scores from the previous matches up to 2 months old: